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Everybody Poops But Babies Poop The Most!

March 27, 2018

I never thought I’d be as comfortable talking about poop as I am now. When it comes up in conversation (which is basically all the time) with my friends who don’t have kids I’m pretty sure they all think I’m super gross, but who cares right?! It’s my life now!! As a mother of a child with very explosive you-know-what I wanted to take a moment to share the strategies I’ve learned so far for navigating life with blow outs! It hasn’t been easy but we’ve had some pretty intense situations so here’s everything you need to survive a blow out while you’re out and about and what to do when you get home! It also seems like the UppaBaby carseat is MADE to help babies poop. I’m not sure if anyone else who has this feels this way! #SquattyPotty

Here’s my survival kit to public blow outs!

    1. Keep Calm and Take Deep Breaths – Breathing deeply (yes, I know it smells) will help keep you calm. Staying calm is ABSOLUTELY necessary to get through these situations. You got it Mama (or Dada!)
    2. Dress the babe in a white onesie under whatever outfit they’re wearing. It usually keeps the blow out mostly contained and hasn’t ruined any other clothes. This has saved many outfits for us and sometimes (okay a lot of times) I end up throwing away the onesie. Target has pretty cheap ones (I buy the short sleeve Carters Just One You) – Click Here
    3. Diaper Bag Must Haves (this list is absolutely essential!): 2-3 Outfits and extra socks – I’ve found that Romper’s (or PJs) work the best because of ease. It’s enough having to basically bathe your child with wipes in public and deal with all of the fall out so however you can make this easiest DO IT! I love the Tea Collection and Cat and Jack (Target) rompers. I feel like Target should start paying me…
      1. Dog Poop Bags (or any plastic bags) for the contaminated clothes. This is a recent pro tip from my much for advanced friend, Liz! (Thanks, Mama!) Apparently they also make the exact same product specifically for babies but it’s double the price of dog poop bags. 
      2. An extra blanket in addition to the changing pad. I use one of the hospital blankets we brought home as a buffer layer to catch some of the spillage while taking off the clothes, diaper and cleaning up the babe. This way you don’t always have to sacrifice your changing pad.
      3. Diapers – this is sort of a no brainer but always make sure you have enough! I keep a few extra in my glove box for extra security.
      4. WIPES WIPES WIPES – I fill my wipe case to the BRIM because I usually end up giving Elle a sponge bath and most recently it was between her TOES (I mean, this girl really knows how to do it).
      5. Wet one wipes for your hands – you never know where you’ll be and being covered in poop and with the inability to wash your hands is NOT fun.
      6. Optional (for those that wear bows) – a neutral bow that goes with everything. This is more of a pick me up for when I’m feeling sad that Elle ruined the cute outfit I curated before anyone saw it. I use Little Poppy Co bows but any neutral bow will do!
    4. Oxy Clean and Soaking Tub – When I get home I try and de-poop the clothes I put in the plastic bag. Most recently this involved rubber gloves a bit of paper towel scraping (it was totally gross but I wanted to save the jeans!) Then I spray the affected area GENEROUSLY with Oxy Clean and toss in the soaking tub full of water I keep in my laundry room. This is very effective because it prevents the stain from setting (sure sometimes it stains depending on the contents but I’ve found it to be very effective!) Then when you’re ready to wash you just wring out the clothes and toss in the washer.
  • Give yourself some room to laugh it all off – your babe obviously just goes to the bathroom when they need to go and we have to remember to just laugh at the ridiculousness of these situations. It’s perfectly okay to be frustrated but I always try to think about how funny it will be later when she’s older and we can joke about it with her! It’s not easy dealing with these sorts of things but with a little humor it can change the situation pretty quickly. My husband’s therapist gave him some advice to look at certain situations as if they’re a sitcom and you’re watching from the audience. When you take on a new perspective things can get kind of funny. Or just think about Leslie Mann in “Insert your favorite Judd Apatow movie here” (The Changeup, This Is 30..) because it totally seems like something that would happen and laugh!

No matter how much I plan Murphy’s Law gets me almost every time and we have a blow out in public rather than in the comfort of our own home. I hope these tips can come to your rescue in a bind! What are your go to’s for blowouts or on the go changes? Please share!

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